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The team here at Bluewater Bathrooms and Kitchens will guide you through your entire bathroom or kitchen project. Our integrated service means that we manage the project through initial consultation, design, manufacture and installation.


Initial Consultation

Our spacious showroom showcases some of our bathroom and kitchen portfolio. We have created a space that inspires our you from the moment you arrive.

Following your perusal of our showroom ranges, you can then have a relaxed consultation with our team to discuss your project and vision for your bathroom or kitchen. Our team are experts in understanding a project brief or helping you to create a brief that fulfils your style and taste.

Our experience brings not only a flair for design but also a practical knowledge of usable space and the functionality of a room.



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Following our consultation process and formulation of the project specification, our designers will create a comprehensive design for your bathroom or kitchen layout. We understand how bathroom and kitchen interior spaces are used. Working with architectural plans or drawing up our own plan of your interior, we will create the optimum layout for your space.

Our portfolio and knowledge enables us to infuse design flair through the use of premium finishes, accessories, fittings and materials to give your project a luxurious, sophisticated and personal touch.

Using Computer Generated imagery we are able to show you what your bathroom or kitchen will look like in your interior layout. This is extremely powerful as it brings your design to life and enables any final design decisions to be confidently made.

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We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality throughout the entire project and service to our clients. For this reason we have created a manufacturing facility on-site at our showroom in Shirley, Solihull.

We have invested in state of the art machinery and technology that enables us to deliver an exceptional quality of product. Our rigorous quality control process means that your bathroom and kitchen is finished exactly how you envisaged it to be.

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Our team will install your bathroom or kitchen to the highest quality of finish that perfectly realises the design. Our experience and depth of knowledge enables us to identify any potential on-site issues prior to installation.

We respect your home and lifestyle, working methodically and with a focus on cleanliness during the project. Our installation team understand the design process and ensure that the finer details are accomplished throughout.

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